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Meet Bzigo Iris!

Your ultimate smart-tech mosquito defender.

Bzigo Iris expertly detects, alerts, and outwits.

Perfectly designed for bedrooms, Bzigo Iris will transform your home into a mosquito-free zone.

Simply wait for Bzigo Iris to highlight the mosquito, clearly marking your target, allowing you to swat and eliminate it with style.


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Time to Buzz-Off: Boot Mosquitoes Out for Good!

Time to Buzz-Off: Boot Mosquitoes Out for Good!

24/7 on guard, there is no place a mosquito can hide

Bright as day or dark as night, it always keeps the buzz out

Chemical and toxin-free,
as clean as can be

Get Bzigo Iris
Get Bzigo Iris

Experience a laser-fast, laser-sharp, intelligent solution
with pixel-perfect precision!

Winning the War on Mosquitoes: Customer Victories!
Tom Bennett

Before Bzigo Iris, I tried numerous products but none worked. Now I finally enjoy my evenings at home without being constantly bothered by mosquitoes. It’s like a force field, I’m super impressed!

Shelly R.

As a parent, I have always been concerned about my kids getting mosquito bites. Thanks to Bzigo Iris, my worries are a thing of the past. No more sleepless nights or irritating buzzing sounds. Gone and gone!

Ethan L.

Working from home became a lot more enjoyable for me with Bzigo Iris. I no longer have to deal with the distraction of mosquitoes flying around. A definite must-have for anyone looking for an effective indoor mosquito solution.

Emma Miller

Finally, a solution that keeps mosquitoes out of my space! Bzigo Iris is what they call a game-changer. I find it easy to use and convenient. I can relax indoors without the constant worry of mosquito invasions. Highly recommend!”

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes Today!

Easy to set up

Plug in your device and power it up. Download the Bzigo app, and within a few simple steps you’ll be ready for combat!

Easy to use

Become a mosquito hunting hero. Simply follow the precision laser to effortlessly spot and quickly eliminate your unwelcome guests.

Easy to maintain

No batteries needed – just leave it plugged in for continuous protection.

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Small device. BIG solution

  • AI computer vision identifies mosquitoes
  • Class-1 Safety Laser Pointer
  • Infrared night vision

How it works

  • Bzigo Iris detects mosquitoes in your room.
  • Wherever you are, Bzigo Iris keeps you informed with real-time notifications on your app and device.
  • Follow the eye-safe laser that pinpoints their location.
  • Aim, zap and relax.

Why it works

  • Bzigo Iris understands mosquito movement patterns.
  • Its AI can identify mosquitoes' resting location.
  • It's always on! Works around the clock to keep your space mosquito-free.
  • Bzigo Iris sets a new standard in pest control by proactively helping you stop mosquitos before they get started.

Smart Tech Against Pests

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Quick and easy lightweight app installation.

Designed to be user-friendly for all devices, including tablets.

Engineered to conserve battery and system resources.

Works with img img

Protect Your Loved Ones and the Planet


Sustainable, science-based: no refills, no replacement parts, chemicals free

Baby- and child-friendly

Safe for your little
(and big) ones


Safe for all pets – furry, feathered, or scaly. We’ve got your buddies covered!


Eye-safe, non-allergic, ideal for people sensitivity to mosquito bites

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